After a beginner is declared to have graduated from driving school and obtained a driving license, it is best to continue driving exercises for 90 consecutive days. This is to continue to get used to so that adaptation to the character of the vehicle and the environment continues to form. Mentally the driver will be confident, from the confidence the driver will be comfortable, so that along with the length of adaptation, the driver can understand the character of vehicles and other road users and familiarize safety driving techniques. Aside from that, if you don’t have a manual car that you can drive for training, we recommend you to hire a nice manual car from the best company of luxury car hire London.

The next thing to note is to get used to removing the clutch and accelerating by stepping on the gas. For this matter, it is not always beginners who have to get used to, many people who are already adept at driving even constrained to remove the clutch.

Familiarize handling vehicles, especially a combination of gas and clutch, many beginners and even the experience was not quite right in this condition, most of them use excess power, should not be needed. The prefix should be after the hand brake is released, at the same time the clutch is also removed, the right foot of the brake pedal is also removed, feel the momentum of its movement and add to its power by stepping on the gas slowly.

Meanwhile, when not accustomed to the habit, what happens next is the engine stall, aka the engine, will die suddenly due to incompatible clutch release with the momentum or speed of the car.

After training to remove the clutch, the next step that must be accustomed is to use a low engine speed when making a gearshift. Not that it is not advisable to shift gears in high engine speed, with low-speed habits, smooth driving mental will be formed without realizing it.

For manual and petrol cars, when not overtaking and in a flat condition, make it a habit of shifting gear (up) at a maximum of 2,000-2,200 rpm.