When temperatures start to fall outside due to the rainy season, it’s time to start lining your room with lots of comfortable blankets and rugs. The following five tips require no investment of time or big money but will make your home warmer in the rainy season. Then, the best part is that you will not only feel more comfortable in your home, you will also save money on your electricity bill. Additionally, we also recommend you to visit the furnacebuzz website if you want to know more about some of the best furnaces that can help you raise the temperature in your house.

Here are 3 tips for making the room temperature warmer in the rainy season:

1. Use a lot of equipment made from textiles/fabrics

Blankets, rugs, carpets, and curtains all insulate the space for a cooler and warmer room. You can use these things to make your house warmer in the rainy season:

The use of a large carpet in the living room or the bath mat in front of your bathroom sink will keep you (and feet) away from the cold floor.

Use a flannelette or microfiber. They will feel warmer to the touch and better isolated.

The cotton blanket will hold your body heat as well as possible.

Hang heavier insulation curtains that keep cool air and warm air in.

2. Handle the vent

Hang a thick curtain to cover a large open area and create a warmer and more comfortable environment. Doors, windows, and cracks can circulate the cold air to your home. To keep your house as warm as possible, you should isolate a gap that allows cold air to enter.

3. Close the door for all access to your room

Do you have open access to the living room? Hang the curtain rods and thick curtains to keep cool air out of the living room when you open the front door. Use foam that is stretched or enlarged to close the cable holes or leaky windows. Attach the personal protection to a window or door that has a striking gap to close it. Place a “draft snake” or a towel at the base of your door to prevent the wind from entering.