Knee pain is a condition that can occur to anyone. Either happens because of one thing, or attack suddenly, but the pain that is unbearable can be very disruptive to daily activities Actually, what are the causes of knee pain and how to overcome them? You can visit knee specialist in los angeles and get help for your knee pain.

Knowing what causes knee pain that strikes can be the best way to prevent that from happening again. You can also control it well and know the ways most needed to deal with knee pain that suddenly strikes. To be clearer, let’s find out what are the causes of knee pain and how to overcome them!

1. Knee Injury
Pain that suddenly strikes can be a symptom of an injury to the knee. In this condition, there is a disorder that affects the ligaments and tendons around the knee joint and bone. There are several types of knee injuries that can occur, ranging from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), fractures, knee bursitis, to cartilage injuries.

2. Arthritis
Infection can also cause knee pain, such as arthritis. In fact, this condition is a common cause of pain in the knee. There are several types of arthritis that can occur, ranging from osteoarthritis that occurs due to aging, rheumatoid arthritis that occurs when the immune system attacks its own tissues, to arthritis due to infection.

3. Gout
Knee pain can also occur as a symptom of certain diseases, one of which is gout. When the disease attacks, symptoms that may appear on the knee are burning sensation, unbearable pain until the knee becomes reddish. Because, when the knee produces excessive uric acid and form crystals in the joints, so the knee can become inflamed and cause unbearable pain. In more severe conditions, gout can make it difficult for sufferers to walk normally, so they cannot move their knees.

4. Joint bleeding
Bleeding that occurs in the joints is also one of the triggers of the emergence of very severe pain. Because the symptoms and causes are different, it is very important to immediately conduct an examination so that knee pain can be treated quickly and appropriately. Thus, the risk of this disease occurring repeatedly and getting worse can be avoided.