Every time you make a transaction at an online store, you should check proof of transfer or proof of payment properly until your transaction is complete. The goal is as proof that you have made payment if at any time the seller asks for it. Usually, this is needed if the seller receives many orders at once so it requires time to verify your payment. In the meantime, if you want to investigate the possibility of fraud, we suggest you hire some of the best private investigators in your city.

If then the seller commits fraud against you, then you can report to the authorities with proof of payment transfer as evidence to the police.

In addition, you should not be fooled by copywriting. Copywriting is awesome! Of course, because the goal is to seduce anyone into buying. With sweet and convincing words, you are made as if you really need the item and as if the item is a pity you do not have right away.

However, copywriting is actually made with good intentions. But not a few unscrupulous online business people who use copywriting to ensnare their prey. Therefore, before you believe in ad copywriting, try to look for product reviews first and make sure you are not being cheated by online shoppers.