Older homeowners usually rely on opening windows in the bathroom and kitchen to get a gentle breeze to meet their ventilation needs. However, bedrooms are often ventilated so some type of mechanical ventilation system may be needed. This is very important if these houses must or have been airtight through renovations and modifications. Meanwhile, if you need to improve the air duct of your house, you can call the best company of hvac Columbia SC.

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans that vent to the outside are recommended as a minimum to eliminate odors and moisture generated in these rooms. However, the entire home ventilation system is more effective in providing adequate ventilation.

Caution: Ventilation only for disposal can promote a high level of decompression, especially if a powerful exhaust fan is used. The high level of decompression can reverse the flow of exhaust gas in the chimney from various types of fuel combustion equipment such as wood stoves and gas-fired water heaters and spilling gas back to the house. This dangerous situation must be avoided. Homeowners can benefit from HRV (heat recovery ventilator) or ERV (energy recovery ventilator) because special ventilation channels in smaller dimensions are available for regular low-speed systems. Furthermore, high-speed systems offer smaller air ducts. Note that the system must be designed and installed correctly to prevent noise from airflow.

Channels can be installed between existing floors, in wall cavities, corner rooms, cabinets, in or on underground ceilings, and on falling ceilings but not in attics when exposed to extreme temperatures which can cause moisture damage and loss energy.