Sensitive skin is the term used to describe skin conditions that are easily irritated due to excessive reactions to various factors, such as air or chemicals in skincare products or cleansers. To prevent a recurrence, you need to treat skin well and be extra careful. People who have sensitive skin often feel complaints on the skin, such as rashes, itching, dryness, eruptions, to the burning sensation or sore on the skin. These complaints generally arise after the skin is exposed to certain substances, or dry, cold air. Sensitive skin is prone to become dry and chapped. To prevent dry skin, diligently apply the best moisturizer for sensitive skin after bathing.

If your skin is sensitive to sun exposure or heat, avoid prolonged direct sun exposure. If you have to do outdoor activities during the day, wear closed clothes, wide hats, and sunglasses. Besides, use a special sunscreen for sensitive skin with SPF 30 or more, every time you move outdoors. Sensitive skin owners are also advised to wear comfortable clothes and cotton. Clothing made from this can absorb sweat, so the skin can avoid prickly heat and irritation.