Every house must have cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, cloths and so on to clean dirty parts of the house that you could purchase at Cleanatic. Because of this function, cleaning equipment should be kept clean so that it is not dirty and easily damaged. Maintaining cleaning equipment is very easy but many people do not know it well. Maintaining cleaning equipment is very important because if it is not cleaned, cleaning tools can cause the house to be dirtier.

How to clean a broom is to soak the broom for about 10 minutes and let all the dirt on the broom dissolve in water. After that, dry it in the sun then use it. The way to clean a broom is the same as cleaning a mop. Mop must also be cleaned as often as possible and then dried and then hung on the wall. While other cleaning tools that are also often used are garbage bins. Because of its use to accommodate garbage that smells bad, the garbage bin must be cleaned often so as not to cause a pungent odour. At least, clean it every 3 days. How to clean it is very easy by washing the trash bin with soap and clean water then rinse.