Tea is indeed not a new type of beverage although this type of drink always has innovations that are adapted to the tastes of modern society. But one thing that never changes when going to enjoy this drink is the brewing process. The process of brewing tea in Japan has even become an important tradition handed down from generation to generation. The equipment used did not change much, one of the most important is the use of cast iron teapots. However, cast iron teapots or Teekanne aus Gusseisen are not only used in Japan because this type of teapot is a popular one that is used among tea lovers because it has various advantages not possessed by other types of teapots.

Cast iron kettles and teapots are the oldest types used by humans to brew tea even though initially only used to boil water. This teapot making material is the main reason this teapot is popular because it can retain heat well, non-toxic and easily printed. This type of teapot design is also one of its advantages. Cast iron can more easily take its form using molds compared to more traditional teapots made from clay or porcelain. This makes this type of teapot has more choices in sizes and shapes. Additional colors and patterns are also easier so that the cast iron teapots available on the market are far more varied and by the tastes of each tea lover.

The functionality of a cast iron teapot is one reason for the popularity of this type of teapot. Many cast iron teapots are used in addition to being used as a teapot. Those who use gas or wood stoves can easily enjoy freshly boiled tea all the time. The cast-iron character that can withstand heat can also make tea heat longer and not easy to cool so you can enjoy your drink at the right temperature every time. Besides, you don’t need to worry that your teapot will break easily because cast iron is known as a wear-resistant material. Designed to distribute heat evenly, making the tea that you will enjoy have a better-extracted taste so that the true flavor of the tea will come out.