Hair trends from year to year usually change. That is why there are many model recommendations and hair colors on the internet. One of them is on the Black Health and Wealth website. For those of you who are black, there is no need to worry in looking for references to trends in models or hair colors because Black Health and Wealth is targeting the lifestyle of black women. Because there is an opinion that black women do not fit all models or hair colors, thus preventing them from creating or following trends. Though this assumption is wrong. All women can create or use any color hair paint.

Talking about hair color, there are also those who say that painted hair will easily dry out and be damaged. This opinion is true if the hair is not properly treated. But if you do the right treatment, then you will not find problems with the hair. Here we provide tips on caring for colored hair:

– Use clarifying shampoo
After applying hair paint, there are times when the hair color becomes darker on one side than the other. Use a clarifying shampoo that makes your hair color more flat with the right hair color gradation. In addition, these hair care products can also clean hair from dirt, due to the rest of hairstyling products or air pollution.

– Protect your hair while exercising
Exercising has become a mandatory activity routinely. Do not let hair that has been given hair dye be a reason not to do physical activity. Use a hat when under the hot sun. If you choose swimming, don’t forget to use a swimming cap, to protect the hair from the pool water purification chemicals.

– Minimize the use of hairdressing tools that contain heat
Colored hair is indeed more susceptible to hair styling, especially those involving heat, such as the use of a hairdryer and hair clamp. If not needed, minimize the use of these tools, or use a special hair serum before starting to set the desired hair model.